The Grief of A Lover

نحمده ونصلي على رسوله الكريم
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
وعلى عبده المسيح الموعود

The Grief of a Lover

In the hullabaloo of crepuscule
I rove through some obstacles
Piloting my feet to step gravels
While dust splattering in my travel

Do you perceive, my entire comrades?
I have yielded to that sorrow and gloom
They with the pupil, sadness, more to more bloom
With unerring aim, then foray my trades

Will I, nill I, I have to whip behind
In the meantime, my wink is facing supra
Striving for my love in their hubbub of wind
On the wail of grilling hot, no face infra

For my love, I have been going the whole hog
Until my heart murmurs the reality
As same as falling headlong into a bog
Twirling your thumbs is the only certainty

It is very wounding as if a saber
That my love even wreaks its anger upon me
It adores to not wriggle out of that offender
Let alone the abductor is treacherous towards me

O ye friends! You are absolutely cognizant
Yet I want to know what hurt is and why
Let my bosom unburden its mind, let it be recognizant
Please, please! My fingers write up in spite of being shy

I indite my love everytime rising with the lark
I ride at its anchor, at the harbor I fish together
Now is the epoch, the epoch to twin on the dark
When I am vilified as an ugly customer, yonder

My desire is to invite that ridiculous betrayer
To fall to loggerheads until either turns up its toes
I try to keep a stiff upper lip along with a layer
Of the sport of passing time as the destination does

And, ponder over, what about my dearest love?
Be an eye-witness when it becomes a heavenly dove
Like the paddy at the time of turning yellow
Likewise, its prudence and sagacity enlighten shadow

My love is magnanimous which mesmerizes
Every particle of bounty, a peeress of the pristine sizes
Its beauty outclasses all the wholesomeness
Its elegance outshines the livelong deliciousness


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